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Mr.Ron Carroll, Chicago, Usa - The Official Interview, 2002

Ron Caroll, Chicago, Usa

Name: Ron Carroll
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Born: Chicago, Usa
Location: NORTH SIDE - Chicago, Usa

1.You were originally born and raised in Chicago, Usa weren't you - Or were you? Its a very musical city. From being noted as a having a huge influence in the development of the Blues and Jazz within America; and now of course with the development of House music. Are sometimes amazed by the cities achievement?

Answer: I truly love all of the achievements that this city has made, and because I am originally from here I experience it everyday. This city has so much musical love in it.

1a. Who or what had the greatest influence on what you listen to today? 1(a) Was through listen to your parents (Did they have an artists or performer that they constantly kept going on about that influenced you) 1(b) Was through listening at a early age to the Radio to a particular sound or artist 1(c) Was through going to the church (being part of a choir?) 1(d) Or was it by being forced to take musical lessons that influenced your choice?

Answer: I have always had a Love for the music from an early age. Church however was the background of my life vocally. Being a DJ was influenced by being at my older brothers dance at his high school and watching this man work the tables for about 3 hours. After that, I was hooked on being a DJ.

2. Who was your first musical hero? Was it Artists from the.. Soul area Hiphop scene Rock/Heavy Metal scene, Pop artists, Drum and Bass artists... Or just any particular artist/s?

Answer: My hero's were KISS. I loved there music when I was young and in school, they were everything to me.

3. I have put this question to a few of your countrymen before. Here it is.

Chicago, New Jersey and New York legacy in Garage and Soulful House music is strong. They were the first Cities to lay claims of inventing this music. Were you around from the start with regards to the foundations of the music being made in these cities? Or was it a case for a lot of you being too young, and in the wrong location at the time - not being able to go to these clubs that were playing this kind of music, the first time around?

Answer: Fortunately, I was around to see how this music came about. Being in the studio's of many Chicago producers from that era watching them turn small ideas into classic hit's. It was amazing to me. Chicago at the time only cared about Chicago.

The music was only made for the inner city clubs, and somehow it got all over the world. I think this is what made the music special then. We made it only for us, that is what made it genuine.

4. You are a DJ/Dj Producer first and foremost. What was the first club or music venue that you played that allowed you to gain vital experience to that is invaluable now! Is it still there now?; and have you gone back to play there from time to time?

Answer: The first ever club I played in was my own. In the late 80's I opened a place called the "Banging Enterprise". At this place is where I laided my foundation to the citizens of Chicago and made a name for myself. We often have reunion parties to celebrate the memory, and they go over really well. (I miss those day's)

5.It seems as if you have been around for ages. How come you never got yourself a Dj name from the start? Were you bothered with getting a Dj name?

Were you always interested in Dj and Dj/producing. Or was it a case of you liking to collecting the records instead?

Answer: When I was coming up as a DJ, my only concern was to be the hottest Dj in Chicago. I had absolutely no clue about the rest of the world out there. I found out about the world through my first record "My Prayer" with Hula, K. Fingers, Ron Trent and Big ED.

This was something that I sung on. So after this, the world knew me as a singer and not a DJ. Only now people are taking notice of my Dj'ing. Better late than never I suppose.

6. Did you decided in having a long spell in djing, before you decided to try your hand in Dj/producing instead?

Answer: I was producing tracks back in the late 80's into the early 90's, But I never got anything signed, they were just for the parties I did.

7. Can you play any traditional musical instruments yourself?

Answer: Yes, I play several. The Saxophone, Trombone, Flute and the French Horn.

Ron Caroll, Chicago, Usa

8. With your newly honed, dj's skills gaine. Did you get ever offered the chance to play on any local, or college radio set-up in those early years?

Answer: I was a club DJ. In those day's there was a separation between the two. But I did do some special guest show's.

8a. Eventually you moved into Dj Production. What was the first single that you ever made? Was it music geared towards House? And what label gave you the break to release your first single. Do you still keep in touch once and a while?

Answer: The first record that I ever produced that hit vinyl was actually a remix for Candy J called "Should have known better".It was everywhere.I will still keep in touch with the legendary one.

9. One of my earliest recollections of you was when I bought a record that you had a hand in. It was called "I get Lifted", which featured the fabulous vocalist in the name of Baraba Tucker. I loved truly loved that record, and still play it today when I get the chance.

How did you get the chance to make such a record? In fact, how did you team up with the great Baraba Tucker in the first place? Did you write this classic single "I get lifted" all by yourself?

Answer: This was a funny story. I went to the WMC in '94 not knowing who to talk to or anything. I was nervous and unsociable, until I saw Louie Vega by the pool.

Louie to me is the greatest DJ/Producer of life to me, and I just walked over to him and said "I would love to write for you", and he said "Sure, you will take a chance at the new Barbara Tucker follow up". At the time Beautiful People was the Hit of WMC '94 I then choked up and said ok.

After Louie walked away, I ran to my room and called my then writing partner Big Ed (Of the Blak Beat Niks) and was screaming on the phone, "We are writing for louie and Barbara". He could not believe it. and so it happened. we are all still good friends to this day.

10. Have you worked with her since that single? If not, is there any plans to do so again?

Answer: Yes I have (Top secret)

11.Has the vocal side of Soulful House and Garage music always been the style that you have been keen to make from the start? Do you prefer making this style of House more then any other? Or do you prefer to try your hand at other styles of House music such as Disco House, Deep House for instance?

Answer: I actually use to make raw tracks, that was my true nack. I really love the soulful side of it, but I would love to bring back the raw side of it also.

12. You've managed to write another classic track in regards to Soulful House and Garage music, but this time it was on the Subliminal label - called "THE SERMON". What gave you the inspiration behind this classic.

Answer: I was thinking about how a Preacher in the Black churches - acts! How he would get his message across towards the end, to make people scream. So, I said to myself this is how I WANT to try it. And many people liked it (Thank You).

13. As you became more involved in making the records instead of playing them. You name became more known around the world - as a vocalist. You managed to get into working on labels such as Yellorange, Soundmen on Wax and Universal.. Did they approach you, or did you approach them.

Answer: Well, coming from a history of being only a Singer in the eyes of many people. I had to approach them, but I truly Love and thank them for trusting in me. Giving me the outlet to shine when I can.

14. For people out there that maybe are still learning about you. Who have you worked with ( production wise) with regards to Soulful House and Garage music. Have you worked with any of the Chicago House Dj/producers giants in the past. For instance have you worked with - Maurice Joshua, Glen Underground, Steve Hurley, Gene Farris, Larry Heard, ESmoove, etc, etc. Please tell us...Is there a good bond between all of you. Or do you ( as a person) like to keep your self to yourself?

Answer: I have worked with Frankie Knuckles, Byron Stingily, Rochelle Fleming and many others, and my bond with all of them are still strong to this day. we are family.

15. Are you in the process of creating your own record label? Is this something that you've always wanted to do? Could this be a way of producing records the way you would like them to be heard by the public at large - without being underthe pressure of producing a hit single for a larger, more established record label?

Answer: Well, right now I have my own label called "Body Music" and we are in the process of coming out in a big way this fall into the New Year. This is a much better way to express myself musically with out the pressure.

Body Music records, Chicago, Usa

16. Changing the subject now. Who have you remixed over the years. Please inform us. And which project did you enjoy working with the most?

Answer: I have remixed Destiny's Child, Pink, Mary Mary, Anastacia, Missy Elliot and currently I just finished remixes for Blaze, Dawn Tallman and Cassio Ware. All of them were a challenge and great to do.

17. I take it that you travelled abroad to work before? ?(Only write down if its applies) Where have you played..what are the countries; and which ones did you enjoy the most to play out to?

Answer: I have played in Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Holland and Australia. I always enjoy Switzerland, Australia and Russia were awesome.

Dj Onirika and Ron Carroll posing at the Italian Music Conference 2002

18. You still Dj don't you? What type of sets do you play out these days. Is it one where by, if I was to visit you, it would consit of Deep, but vocal drenched type House music set? Or would or do you drop in harder styles of House music?

Answer: Yes, I still DJ :-) I really mix things up as of late. I seem to be booked at large venues where harder music prevails, but I always drop my vocals all the time. I cannot let vocal house die.

19.As a Dj do you like to chop from track to track without warning. Or do you prefer your dj set to be one where you go for a smooth blending of each track that you introduce to a crowd??

Answer: I believe in blending and creating a surge that rushes through your body.

20. Have recently visited England lately? What are your thoughts on the music known as Uk Garage/2-Step Garage music that is busting out of the City? The music has bulldozed its way into the Soulful House and Garage world music. Its the newest hybrid of the music within the scene. Some people hate it. Some people love it. What are your views on the scene and the music culture? Garage music - with its soulful undertones. The Arftul Dodger and M.J.Cole have bought the music forward for 2-Step Garage music - with its soulful undertones.

Answer: I think that the English have always searched for a sound to call there own (in Creation) and I think that 2 Step is a good one. It blends the R&B side with the dance, It works for me.

21. Another musical style that has to said is more noticed on the music new -papers rather then on the dance floors is once again from the Uk. This style is to be known as "Broken Beats".

A sort of Deep House meets Acid Jazz style, with just a drop of hophip in the mix which heralds from West London here in England. Phil Asher, I.G.Cutlure, Chill Funk records, etc being behind this movement. Have you manage to hear any of this yourself?

Answer: I have only heard a couple of Chilli Funk records, and from what I've heard, I like.

22.The music of Deep House is probably the most UNDERSTOOD STYLE of House music - in the whole spectrum of House and Garage music around the globe. AND yes it was created in Chicago by the great Larry Heard, who is regarded as the God father of Deep House( though he hates such labels bestowed on him).

Who if you had the chance would you like to work with, in regards to making a new House and Garage style record. Anyone comes to mind here???

Answer: Bobby & Steve.

Ron Caroll, Chicago, Usa

23. As I have mentioned before Chicago, New Jersey and New York City have traditionally dominated the musical output coming from the USA, with regards to House and Garage music. However, the city of San Franciso, and more overly the West Coast of the USA input over the last 4 years has changed all of that. I take it that you are aware of Labels such as Naked Music, Panhandle, Red Melon, Love slap, Siesta, Greyhound and Naked Music. Are you digging there sound....?

Answer: I love some of the music from there, like Jay-J and Chris Lum, Charles from Love Slap Records, and look out for the Peach Crew, Bobeck, David Garcia and Carlton. They are doing what we were doing years ago, Making music for our home and it just spread out into the world.

24. Keeping on the music side of things. Are you KEEN on still writing your own material yourselves these days.Or do you prefer to do remixing of other people material. Is "Writing/production" still in your blood?

Answer: Of course writing and production is in my blood. I enjoy that the most of all, being a creator of a vision.

25.Keeping on this same subject, when you go about creating a new "vocal" House track. Which comes first. The Groove or the beat, then the lyrics. Or writing down the lyrics, then providing the groove..???

Answer: All of the above, a vision comes in many ways.

26. Are there plans of you creating an album for your fans? Is there one in the process at the moment. Or is there a new single coming soon instead??

Answer: My album is almost complete. It is about me as an artist, producer and writer. My first new single to introduce the album is "High Again" Starring the poetic voice of Lady D and it is remixed by Felix the House cat.

27. Coming from a city and travelling like you do. You must have come across quite a few Vocalists, Musicians and Dj/producers of all shapes and sizes. Who would you say to keep an eye out for. Is there someone out there that in your opinion will be huge in 2002?

Answer: I believe the producers to watch for are: Blak Beat Niks, Mr. Ali, Nick Santillian, Mazi, Nick CamCam, Laylo & Buscwaka, The GreensKeepers, Bobby & Steve, Rc Groove and DJ Freak. They are hungry for the game.

28. England newiest Superstar is Mr.Craig David. At the start of his career he made quite a few singles with the group called The Artful Dodger ( Southampton, England.) He's album called "Born to Do it",( Rnb' and Soul album directed, with a few Uk Garage cuts on it !!) he also made with the with the Artful Dodger has gone gold in the Usa.Are you impressed with England's newiest International star. What are you thoughts?

Answer: Very impressed by his success, I hope that he will continue to bring that noise in America.

29.The Masters at Work Production team ( New York, Usa), Blaze (New Jersey, USA) and Larry Heard (Chicago, USA) are all still going strong; and like you are still making records. Could we see you in the future, ever teaming up with any of these "legends" to make future records. Or have you already done so?

Answer: I will definitely team up with those guy's, because I truly believe that there is strength in numbers.

30. Did you manage to go to this years Winter Music Conference? Did you enjoy it. Or has it lost some of its magic of its previous years???

Answer: The WMC has become commercial and cheesy, next question.

31. You have been immersed in the music business along time now, however there's one question that I would like to ask you and that is: - "Why is it that the Usa doesn't show its support for this music(* House and Garage music) like it does for others?" What are your opinions?

Answer: America is all about Fantasy. (Big House, Big Car, Gold everywhere, women in thongs) and House is not about that. it's just true music. although we get the hot girls too, we just don't boast about it much. :o)

32. Have you got any advice for any aspiring Record label producer, DJ , Club owner or Dj/Producer within the world of House and Garage. Any rules that he should adhere to!

Answer: Always stay strong and consistent in your vision. GOD for me is the source. For you, try GOD, he will open your eyes to the prize. GOD BLESS THE HOUSE MUSIC.

Ron Caroll, Chicago, Usa

Interview conducted by Carl Brown, Ipswich, England and Ron Carroll, Chicago, Usa

All rights of the text and the images belong to Carl Brown, Ipswich, England and Ron Carroll, Chicago, Usa.
If you which to use any of this interview. Please contact us. Copyright laws apply.

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